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5 Star Fliss!

I hope you like my new title! Seriously though, I am absolutely over the moon to have been awarded a 5 Star Review from this week.

I am not really going by the name of 5 Star Fliss - mainly because I am nowhere near cool enough to pull it off, but also because it is my writing that is 5 star worthy rather than myself.

Knowing that what I write is not only of the highest quality, but is also resonating with people and engaging them in the message I set out to deliver, is more than a little gratifying.

I started out with a hope that turned into a dream that became a reality. The hope was to create a book for children that they could enjoy and also find helpful. The dream became 'Erin and Roderick Discover Families' which is a story with a powerful message and some gorgeous illustrations. The reality is that the book is now connecting with people and making a difference, before it has even left the metaphorical shelf. The message of diversity, equality and inclusion through love, tolerance and respect is being discussed by children, their adults, organisations, the media, the man next door, the woman in the shop, the person in the street.

I have this week taken stock of the huge responsibility that comes with writing a text for children. There is a profound scope for affectation there and it is the absolute responsibility of the author, the editor, the illustrator and the publisher to ensure that the end result is only positive. As a mother I see the struggles, the processes and the changes that children face. I see their huge hearts and their huge potential and I know that with the right support and the right resources the future is going to be a lot kinder, more compassionate and more inclusive because of them.

So, I shall take my 5 stars and use them to celebrate but also to hold myself to account for all my writing and ensure that it truly reflects my life's ethos -

'Whatever the question, let love guide the answer'

Fliss xxx

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