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Back to School

Lockdown has created such a difficult time for all of us over the past year.

The children of the Pandemic are those I feel that have had the most to contend with. They miss their friends, they don't understand why everything is changing constantly, they miss their routine and yes some of them are really missing SCHOOL!

That is why I have decided it is time that my mission for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is taken back to school.

Over the coming months I am going to be working on something that Schools can access for FREE in order to support the mental health and well-being of their students through the PSHE curriculum.

It will give visibility and value to all children and not only put back the kindness and love that they all need, but also promote them giving it out to each other even in the hardest times.

Teachers and Parents you are the everyday heroes of this pandemic and though your cape may feel tattered and torn I can assure you that you are doing an excellent job.

So my turn to give back from Fliss Goldsmith Books to the heroes of the hour.

If you are a School, Teacher or Parent who wants to know more ahead of this being released to the wider world please email me at

Watch this space - FUN TIMES, FREE TIMES FOR ALL :) xxx

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