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Donate for Children with Down Syndrome

I am proudly supporting the Karachi Down Syndrome Progam and their inspirational work to provide support, empowerment and enrichment to the the lives of Children with Down Syndrome and their families.

In order to raise £1000 i will be shaving off my hair on October 30th in order to 'Be Bold and Break Barriers'


I started this fundraiser because KDSP absolutely reflects my mantra of 'Whatever the question, let love guide the answer' Support for children with Down Syndrome and their families in Pakistan is rare due to a lack of awareness, education and funding. KDSP are the ONLY organisation to provide this inclusive and empowering service to these incredible individuals and their wonderful families.

As a Mother of 2 magnificent children, as an Author of 2 game changing books and as a Human in a global community of billions I know how important it is to ensure that organisations whose ethos, aims and objectives are to positively impact the lives of children get the vital funds they need to do so.

My book 'Erin, Roderick and the Diffability Bunch' has a central character called Ryan who has Down Syndrome. Visibility of Down Syndrome is imperative as we celebrate the value their diversity brings to our lives. Down Syndrome of course comes with many challenges but the team at KDSP are devoted to ensuring that families are educated, equipped and supported to meet these challenges and live the fullest of lives.

I hope you will give as generously as you are able to this most essential and inspiring of Organisations - any support you can give is hugely appreciated.

And as I live in the UK and am shaving my head as we go into our winter - if anyone has a spare woolly hat it would be much appreciated!

As always 'Whatever the question, let love guide the answer'

xx Fliss xx

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