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I for Inclusion

This photo fills my heart with joy every single time i see it. This is Erin and Roderick. My daughter and my son. Here they are on holiday in our happy place in Mablethorpe! I wanted to start this blog with a picture of them because they inspire me to create the content that i do.

My newest venture is into the world of Videos (I am so 20th century with technology it hurts!)

I am creating short videos for children on a variety of subjects to help explain and engage.

The first in the series is called 'I For Inclusion'

It is set at a teddy bears picnic and features 5 cuddly toys. Leone Lion is the hostess and she has invited her 4 friends, but they don't seem to be enjoying or participating? Why might that be we ask ourselves?

This is where I delve into what inclusion really means and how it isn't just about inviting people, there is so much more to consider.

Inclusion is the foundation of all kind and caring societies and it is something we all need to work on, focus on and insist on.

My video is available by emailing me at at a price of £4.99

So all those who stand for inclusion say - Aye and let's mobilise the 'I for Inclusion' message together.

Fliss xx

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