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Let's get Uncomfortable!

Ok so I am probably not making you feel all warm and fuzzy with that title am I? GOOD!

What I am about to share is something that requires us to acknowledge our own vulnerabilities and push a few boundaries while we are at it.

By now you know Fliss Goldsmith is all about championing diversity, equality and inclusion through love, tolerance and understanding.

You bought my book - or at least have an interest in it - YOU ARE AMAZING

I wrote a book to promote my message - I AM A SOLID 8/10 (I'm British I find it hard to blow my own trumpet - but at least you got a few notes out of it there!)

We make a great team, but this is the easy part, the comfortable part, the cup of tea and a biscuit before bracing the storm to get to the destination.

So it is time to whack on those wellies, cover up in a coat and usher in an umbrella as we take our message to the difficult stage.

I have spent a good part of the past month in talks with some serious movers and shakers in the world of human rights (one is actually an active advisor to the United Nations on this very subject! I dressed properly for this particular Zoom call!)

The one thing that came out of my discussions with each of them was that we are somewhat preaching to the converted. We are sharing out vital work with those that already agree with us and want what we want - A KINDER FUTURE.

Whilst this is amazing and life affirming it is not going to exact change on its own.

So what do we need to do next?

As the title suggests we need to get UNCOMFORTABLE. We need to start bringing up the topics of diversity, equality and inclusion with those who are not willing to come to the table. We have to engage those that sit on the metaphorical fence. We need to educate those that have not had access to a broad, diverse and open set of resources.

We need to challenge ideas with clarity and kindness - always remembering that the perspective of others is as valid as our own even if we disagree.

It is NOT going to be easy but it WILL be worth it.

I am committed to working daily to exact this change and I will keep reporting back.

What I want to know is who is coming into the Arena with me? Who is going to hold me to account while holding my hand and getting the job done?

Email me/ Facebook me/Instagram me/ But DO NOT stay silent.

This is a message with a movement and I need us all working together to mobilise it.


Fliss xxx

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