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Lots to Look Forward To - For Some of Us...

As Lockdown restrictions begin to lift in various countries, there is a sense of hope on the horizon. I am mindful though that this is not the case for the whole world. We have seen the harrowing statistics in the News regarding the amount of cases and tragically the fatalities that have occurred due to Covid in India.

I am so blessed to have received 2 doses of the Oxfod AstraZeneca Vaccine already. This is due to my existing complex health conditions. The NHS continue to be absolute heroes and without them I cannot begin to imagine the desperate situation the UK would have been plunged into.

I have been fortunate regarding work throughout the pandemic, as a Children's Author I work from home, meaning a safe space was always guaranteed. I also set my own hours and so when Homeschooling was required I could work flexibly without any worries about what my boss would say. I have the support of a wonderful husband and the total joy and endless love of my daughter and son. I have a slightly manic cat, but that just injects some interesting features to the daily! I am acutely aware that this is not the situation that everyone has found themselves in. So while I am looking to the summer with a sense of optimism, I am also mindful of those who do not feel this way, who have lost loved ones, who have uncertain futures, who do not feel safe and who do not feel that the transition will be easy.

So this blog goes out to you all with a sense of gratitude for having you take the time out of your massively busy and complex lives to read my words. My words have been my savior in so many ways over the course of my life and now i am beyond honored that they resonate around the world.

My inbox is always open and it is not just for 'work' related things - it is a safe space for you to reach out to me and know that I will get back to you with the best support i can. Even if i cannot fix your situation I will always have kindness for you and allow you the time and space to walk through and talk through your worries.

It is

Stay Safe - And for those who can - enjoy the new found freedoms

xx Fliss xx

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