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Mission Is Possible

This is my mission statement. My mantra. My motto. My ethos. I live by it everyday and it is the foundation for everything I write. Yesterday Erin and Rod wrote it out for me. They hear me say it A LOT!

Then it struck me - they really get it. I mean REALLY get it. It isn't just a catchy phrase, or a pithy slogan or something that looks good on a novelty mug - it is visceral. This was the moment it was affirmed that what I was doing was working.

I have always wanted to bring my children up to put their own stamp on the world from a vantage point of love, kindness and tolerance. For them to be confident is sharing their ideas and all the while able to listen to those of others. For them to judge a person based on their actions and then to try and understand why they chose those actions and to respond with kindness.

Now my kids are like your kids - awesome first and foremost, but finding their feet and thankfully making all kinds of mistakes in a safe space (heck I am 36 and still getting things very wrong and learning all the time - that should never stop). They do have this mission statement to hang their proverbial hats on though and it works.

The other day a child at school snatched a toy from my son and the teacher noted that he did not retaliate. He did vocalise his upset at having a toy snatched from him (anyone who knows Rodders knows he is vocal!) but he then went on to ask the other child if he was tired, or hungry or upset to find out why he was snatching- this gilded my heart!

So you are going to see this statement a lot if you follow my writing and work and will make no apology for keeping pressing it home.

What I would ask is that you share your mission statements with me - please - i want to know what is important to you, how do you want the world to look? Because i want to be as informed as possible so my writing and work truly reflects the needs and desires of others so that we can collaborate and make tomorrow stronger and kinder one story at a time.

Go to my Instagram or Facebook page and tell me your mission statement today - the future is in your utterly essential hands

x Fliss x

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