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New Book - Take a Look

I am beyond excited to share the cover art for the next book in the 'Erin and Roderick' series.

'Erin, Roderick and the Diffability Bunch'

I wanted to create a story for children that shifted from the ableist vantage point, because there is no 'Normal', no 'Benchmark'.

Disabilities are real and there is a huge spectrum of them and also the degree of impact they have upon the individuals lives. They ensure that adaptations are necessary BUT what they do not do is define the person.

Each child - and adult for that matter- has a plethora of talents and Abilities and some also have Disabilities. So i have come up with 'Diffabilities' so that children can see that difference is something to be celebrated and not feared.

Meet (L-R) Elise, Ryan, Roderick, Erin, Dora and Benji - 'The Diffability Bunch'. Over the coming weeks I will be allowing you to 'Meet' the characters and find out more about them (Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to be first in the know!)

Pre-orders will be LIVE very soon and i will be sending out an email to let everyone know (subscribe to the free updates at the bottom of the Home Page)

Release date is set for September 2021 and I hope that the story will be not only entertaining but also empowering.

Thanks to Ian. R. Ward for the once again stand out illustrations (he has enormous patience with my insistence on specifics!) and to Purple Diamond Press, my incredible Publishers, whose passion for Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility is as ferocious as my own.

And thanks to YOU - my supporters (I can't come to terms with the word fans! I'm hardly Lady Gaga!) You give me the strength, energy and love it takes to create a story full of lived experiences, real representation, powerful messages and bags of fun. You are mobilising the message that 'Whatever the question, let love guide the answer' - THANK YOU

xx Fliss xx

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