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Nothing Like Normal!

In a world where perfection is lusted after and an imaginary bar is set to show us ‘the average’ person, I revel in the ‘Jaggedness Principle’. Todd Rose is the man I take my proverbial hat off to, because he scientifically proves that there really is no such thing as normal – Hurrah! Todd’s explanation revolves around the ‘Science of the Individual’ and ‘The Myth of Average’. In it’s most basic terms it seeks to understand that every person or concept is made up of many smaller facets and so you can’t create an average marker for anything because we aren’t linear or designed to be measured in one way. People’s size, intelligence and abilities are just some examples of how this is true. The ‘Jaggedness Principle’, lights the way in us understanding, how really, the search for the average or the perfect is utterly futile. It awakens us to the existence in us all of individualism, difference and diversity. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of its explanation of thousands of years of human complication, misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. If you have ever heard someone say, ‘That’s not normal,’ or ‘He’s practically perfect,’ or perhaps, ‘She was an average size,’ and questioned what is normal, or perfect or average. Well we can say thanks a bunch to Mr. Rose because he has offered us the proof that actually, when it comes to us humble humans, those concepts are frankly fruitless. And so - I urge you, celebrate yourself just as you are and stop striving to be ‘like everyone else.’ You must, it’s the Principle of the matter.

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