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Think small.

I make no caveat to the title - hence the full stop. I stand fully with that statement, which may come as a surprise to many of you.

As someone whose core ethos is inextricably bound to making the world a better place, surely i should be thinking big - huge - enormous. And maybe I was, with good intentions.

The world is gargantuan. Billions of people. Can you visualise that. Try, just for a moment to visualise billions of people. You can't. I certainly can't. Even if i could i absolutely, categorically know that in my life time i could not hope to know the lives of each person in a detailed way. Then there is the human turnover, every second thousands of births explode new life into our planet and at the very same time thousands of deaths take existing lives away.

There is no negativity, no Eeyore about this post. In fact it really is more celebratory than anything. Think small. Think of you, your family, your friends and your community. Make time to create real connections. Work together to improve your village, town or city. Add the gifts you posses to the treasure trove of community. Stand with what you believe in and hope to encourage others to do the same. Meet your needs as well as others.


Because every community overlaps another and there can be a domino effect of good will, kind hearts and fair deeds. There are always going to be governments and corporations who will seek to garner their own interests and there are some incredible change makers out there who will wield the influence to change these huge institutions. You are just as important as they are. You are the foundations, because if there are not strong communities to stand upon the shoulders of there is no hope of a kinder world and a more hopeful tomorrow

The mark of any society is how it treats it's most vulnerable. The mark of any human is the ability to demonstrate that true strength is vulnerability.

So if you are feeling deflated, woeful and anxious with the unfolding of world events, you are not powerless - you can bolster your community and start that domino effect tumbling. You may not be remembered in the history books but you will be historic in my book.

Think Small. Love Big.

xx Fliss xx

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