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Twenty Twenty YOU

I simply cannot believe that we are at the end of another year - which is odd really because now i am 38 you would have thought i may have gotten used to the whole 365 days passing and a New Year beginning. Nope it remains a novelty!

It does prompt me to think though that it really is just a line in the sand. Yes i understand we have journeyed once around the sun and therefore we call that a year - but in reality the only marker of time we truly have is presence. The present is the only time you can exist in and that is really my frame of reference for 2022.

We absolutely do need to plan (if you have children, a job, animals, relatives, a garden, the list is endless) then you do need a blueprint. Equally i know we need to reminisce, it is good for our very souls to hold memories dear. I think we have become incredibly skilled at planning and reminiscing, but we don't balance that with a bit of the here and now. Enjoying the moment. Doing what makes us feel good regardless of whether it fits the plan or is in line with what we have always been about.

Here at Fliss Goldsmith Books there is definitely going to be a lot packed into 2022. 'The Diffability Bunch' and Families' are doing the fabulous work i always hoped they would do - BUT this year is about scale. My aim is to get the books consistently into Schools across the UK.

My Diversity and Inclusion work is going strong as i continue to work 1:1 with Young People to own and grow their confidence in themselves so that they can live as their authentic selves and truly thrive.

I begin work with a Regional Theatre Coordinating a project that looks to Reimagine Spaces and tell the stories of Young People from Disadvantaged backgrounds - empowering them to have their voices heard.

And at Home i continue to be Mummy - My most excellent Erin will be 9 soon and Rod is 6 and supremely sassy! They are beginning to attend Book Signings with me and are increasingly confident in talking to both their peers and adults about the importance of Inclusion and the need for understanding and acceptance.

So please keep checking in, keep telling people about the work going on here in our little corner of the internet. Please keep making plans and looking back -

BUT PLEASE remember to do what you love, when you love it and with whom you wish to.

Remember Whatever the question - let love guide the answer

All my Love Always

x Fliss x

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