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Welcome to Our House

Hello amazing you - because if you have taken the time out of your day to read my blog, then you are amazing - in my book!

I was asked in an interview recently to sum up the message I am trying to send with my writing. For someone who immerses herself in linguistics, vocabulary and lexicon you would think this would be easy - but there is so much I want to say and boiling it down to a simple statement is hard.

So I am going to try and explain by building you a house - bare with me!

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are the foundations of everything I do. As such we are going to lay these firmly down to ensure that the rest of our literary house holds up no matter what is thrown at it. Love, Tolerance, Kindness and Understanding are the 4 walls which keep us safe, create space and allow us to weather any storm that comes along. Real Representation, Knowing and Owning your Voice and Accessibility make up the roof on the top of our happy habitat. They crown everything I try to do and keep us warm, together and secure.

You, my friends, readers, family, supporters are the windows and the doors, because you let me observe the world, to see what needs to change and how we can do that. You open up the conversations and close down hatred and prejudice. You welcome in everyone and you leave out no-one. I hope that i can be the mortar that holds all of these incredible and essential parts of our message mansion together.

So welcome to OUR HOUSE - brought to life through Fliss Goldsmith Books.

You are ALL WELCOME here.

Know that in every book I write and every time I speak to spread our message, it is a team effort to deliver a future for our children that will be strong, courageous, open and kind. For your part in that I thank you truly, honestly and deeply.

Whatever the question let love guide the answer - and in our house we will always leave a light on xxxxx

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