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Why Read? Because it is Written!

There are approximately Eleventy Billion studies on why reading is good for you, the benefits, and I could cite every single one and aid your quest to cure insomnia - but not today Josephine!

Let's just sit for a moment, wherever we are and think about why we even bother to read a book in the first place? As a child we are often attracted to the pictures, bright and bold illustrations and super sparkly scenes leap off the page to grab our attention. Why then do we long to read or listen to the words that come with them?

We are story tellers - humans need to tell stories to connect. It makes us feel part of a bigger dialogue, it gives us a space to escape to, it gives us assurance of our own situations and struggles, it gives us ideas and dreams, it opens debate, it has the power to move you (that's telekenisis Kyle - name that song. . . . .)

As an Author I have a very visceral need to write. The energy requires that I pick up a pen or a keyboard and start to make marks on the page - hopefully actual words and letters that fall into some kind of sensical pattern, but sometimes starts as a doodle! Often I will question, will anyone want to read this? Will it be something of worth and of value? This is the insecurity of every creative who ever swished across the planet - but really it is inconsequential because it is much bigger than me, my worries and my anxieties - it is about keeping the song, the beat and the story of humanity going.

Every story adds to the tapestry of our existence and whatever we read will plant some kind of seed or notion in our subconscious that later rises to fruition - even reading a baking blog - yes I finally did make Fork Biscuits Mary Berry you champion of the kitchen!

So, why do we read? - Because it is written - and we need to connect, to the page, to the story, to each other. I urge you - today- to write down a thought, do a doodle, send a message and add your stamp to the complex and ultimately beautiful patchwork of life - you are essential xx Fliss xx

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