To be released on September 28, 2021

On your marks! The race is about to begin!

Meet the Diffability Bunch! Elise, Ryan, Dora, and Benji join Erin and Roderick for an exciting and fun school sports day. Each with different talents and challenges, the friends are eager for the events to start.....but where is the starter's whistle? Mr. Patwari is in a merry muddle and Miss Ahyoka is trying to help get things back on track. While the grownups are frazzled the children are keen to save the day and work together to ensure the race begins. 

Join these fabulous friends as they find out why our 'Diffabilities' are not only part of us, but part of what connects us together.

Great story highlighting children with Autism and Down-Syndrome. A great story for all!

Erin, Roderick, and the Diffability Bunch

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